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Pure relaxation -  Massages, beauty, cosmetic and baths

It smells like Swiss pine and mountain pine, like woods and hay. Treat yourself to something special and do something good for yourself and for your body.

The caracteristics of the Zirm pine wood are really particular. Already since many years cradles were built by Zirm pine wood because this wood reduces the heart beat up to 6 beats/minute. It makes you feel calm and better. It has a wonderful smell and all our Zirm SPA is build out of this wood.

Berghotel's Zirm SPA & Badl Flower bath Manicure at the Berghotel

Desiree & Klaus take care of our SPA & Badl.

Desiree is the expert (mainly, but not only) for the Beauty - manicure, pedicure, facial treatments, Wellness baths - this is her competence.

Klaus is our specialist for massages of every type, especially for the little aches and pains. A standardprogram doesn't esxists, but a lot of empathy and expertise.

Give your body a treat - relax in that way is an enrichment for every holiday!


Goodbye to aching muscles!
Vitalising foot bath followed by your choice of a rich body pack with essential oils or cooling leg wraps to re-energize tired muscles and joints. In the end, a full body massage tailored to your specific requirements.
70 minutes        Euro 84,00

Sesto's hay bath with mountain blossom
Mountain hay from 1800m altitude with many different herbs relaxes your tired muscles and strengthes your immune system. Re-energise in soothing hay and warmth.
Bath followed by a short massage, 50 minutes   Euro 74,00
Bath followed by long massage, 80 minutes    Euro 97,00

Traditional full or partial body massage with mountain pine oil
Mountain pine encourages blood flow, reduces tension and opens the respiratory tract. An individually tailored full or partial body massage.
20 minutes           Euro 34,00
50 minutes           Euro 64,00

Manual full body or partial lymphatic drainage
This is primarily a therapy fo unblocking the lymphatic system. Using movements with changing pressure the therapist increases the flow rate through the whole lymphatic system. Soothes tired and swollen legs.
20 minutes                      Euro 34,00
50 minutes                      Euro 64,00

Athlete Active
1 Mountain salt peeling with body creme 40 minutes
1 Sesto hay bath followed by a short massage 50 minutes
1 VitaAlpina sports massage 20 minutes
1 VitaAlpina sports massage 50 minutes
1 cosmetic pedicure 50 minutes
Euro 223,00 reduced from Euro 262,00

Swiss pine oil bath
In conjunction with hot water Swiss pine is particulary effective against colds and for mental and physical exhaustion.
Enjoy on your own followd by a shot massage, 50 minutes   Euro 74,00
For two without massage, 30 minutes           Euro 64,00
For two with massage, 50 minutes              Euro 113,00

Phyto facial - strength through plant based phytohormones
Active ingredient phytohormone Lupulin. Extreme moisturising and regenerating for supple and toned skin. Plant based flavonoids have a calming effect and strengthen the skin's immune system.
80 minutes                                         Euro 97,00
with exquisite eye treatment       Euro 108,00

Herb pistil massage
Heat, herbs and massage, a harmonious combination of the forces of nature. The hot little herb filled bags loosen persisten tension, encourage the blood circulation, activate the immune system and strengthen the body's self-healing mechanism.
50 minutes                      Euro 71,00

Zirm Mountain salt peeling with hay flowers
Activates the blood circulation and encourages bloos flow. Hay flowers relax tense muscles. Rounded off with a nourishing body creme or a recommended 50 minutes massage with mountain pine oil.
with body creme, 40 minutes               Euro 61,00
with full body massage, 80 minutes   Euro 100,00


Classic massage Sesto's hay bath Zirm pine wood

Massages & treatments Berghotel's Zirm SPA & Badl - catalog

Here you can see all of our massage and beauty treatments...

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Map of the wellness area Plan of the wellness area

Wellness area - swimmingpools and Berghotel's sauna world.

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Wellness area

Berghotel with swimming pool at night

Water 3 x indoor & outdoor 29-33° C
Heat 8 saunas 40-90 °C
Beauty Zirm SPA & Badl

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