6. Via ferrata Roghel (2560m) - 7. Cengia Gabriella (2470m)

Sunrise in the Dolomites

Starting point: Rif. Lunelli (1568m)- see tour nr. 2
Duration: total 10 hours, rif. Lunelli ferrata Roghel – Cadin de Stalata 4 hours, ferrata Cengia Gabriella 3 ½ hours, descent in Val Fiscalina 2 ½ hours
Diffrence of altitude: ca. 1100m

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Rifugio Lunelli – Rifugio Berti – Ferrata Roghel – Bivacco Battaglione Cadore – Ferrata Cengia Gabriella – Rifugio Carducci – Rifugio Comici – Val Fiscalina - Berghotel

Description: the absolute highlight in the Dolomites of the via ferratas. Difficult passages at the ferrata Roghel. Not to undervalue the length of the ferrata, you need a good stamina. At the descent from the ferrata Cengia Gabriella are useful climbing irons and poles, especially in spring when the ropes are covered with snow.

Indication: red-white-red with the nr. 101, 109,103

Highlights: the whole ferrata; sensational is the ferrata Roghel with magnificent motives and the ferrata Cengia Gabriella;
the scenery of the Val Stalata 

Climbing Map: Via ferrata Roghel & Cengia Gabriella



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