1 Snow shoe hike to Croda Rossa

Reindeer on the Rotwand in Sesto

Starting point: Moos/Berghotel (1370mt.)
At a short view: Berghotel – Fischleintal – Rotwandwiesen – Berghotel
Difference in altitude: ca. 580m
Time of walking: ca. 3 hours
Difficulty: 3

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Map of the Croda Rossa snow shoe tour

Description of the way: From the Berghotel to the church. A right turn we follow the Heideck street, across a bridge and reach a crossing. Here we can take the forest way passing by the fortress Haideck (rest of the 1° world war) or the below way near the river on the left. Both ways bring you to the parking place in the Fischlein Valley. We cross the road and here at your right starts a small path nr. 153 up to the meadows of the Croda Rossa. The path is good but it goes up steadily and quite steep. Only a few people goes up on this way, maybe you meet some people with alpine skies. With fresh snow you need snow shoes (you can hire them at the Berghotel). The last part of the path is steep and goes under the cable railway of the Croda Rossa. If you can not find a trace, please follow the last part of the toboggan-slide. At the top there are two nice huts and a very nice family park with snowmen. For the descent you can take the same way or the lift to the parking place of the Croda Rossa.

Tips and advices: An easy excursion, but you need a good condition. Very beautiful, is the path from the Fischlein Valley to the Croda Rossa meadows, because you will not meet many people. When there’s new snow you need some snow shoes (renting in Berghotel). Ask always for the avalanche situation!!

Summary: a good tour in middle a snowy escape if you love the nature and the silence.



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