Via ferratas of the Italian Dolomites

Via Ferrata in the Dolomites of Sesto

The following Via ferratas are proposals from the Berghotel and a little part of the various possibilities offering our area. The starting points can be reached directly by a short walk from the Berghotel, with the bus or by car (max. 1 hour drive).

We suggest you to use the via ferrata equipment, good hiking shoes ,a helmet, a good map and a light backpack (rentable at the reception). 
Mountain experience and "free from giddiness" are presuppositions for all Via Ferratas. 
Detailed information about via ferrata Strada Alpini and many more you find in the guide books in our library or in our hiking map.

Panorama climbing at the Cristallo (easy)

Of the Cima di Mezzo, the neighbour of the Cristallo (difficult)

Paths and galleries - peace and war (easy)

Bay the via ferrata Giovanni Lipella on the top of a Dolomite giant (difficult)

By the ferrata Giuseppe Olivieri to the highest peak of the Tofane (difficult)

A classic via ferrata to the Cima Fanes Sud (very difficult)

Ferrata Ettore Bovero with breezy passages (difficult)

Of the Punta Fiames – the sunny peak of the Pomagagnon (difficult)

An exposed and steel via ferrata to the Pomagagnon (medium)

Around the Sorapiss with his turquoise lake (difficult)

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