view from the balcony - Dolomites of Sesto


The Dolomites of Sesto, a paradise in summer and winter

Try to keep in mind the absolute beauty of the scenery of the Dolomites of Sesto with the Drei Zinnen !

Our Berghotel is located in the unique valley of Sesto Drei Zinnen Dolomites, surrounded by the magnificent peaks of the Dolomites of Sesto Sundial.

The region Drei Zinnen - Dolomites which is partly identic with the Dolomites of Sesto offers (almost) every summer - and wintersport possible, every level and all in one of the most beautiful mountains allover


The Three Peaks

In summer ...

... you have a limitless choice of trekking tours and hiking tours in the Dolomites mountains.

The Dolomites of Sesto (here what Wikipedia says) from the Dolomites of Comelico to the Landro Valley in the West and from the Sesto Valley to the Lake Misurina in the South.

The Dolomites of Sexten are a perfect biking place. Flowing trails, good uphills, special downhills (with the help of the funiculars) and because it so good to bike the Berghotel Sexten is member in the Bikehotels - quality pays! you get more than just guided tours!

For hiking and guided hiking the Berghotel Sexten to proof the quality is member in the Wanderhotels - best alpine - we offer guided tours almost every day, we hire equipment and we have professional suggestions for who wants to walk alone.


Tips for your summer holiday for 3 and 7 days


All the activities are starting directly from the Berghotel

In winter

Start directly from the Berghotel to enjoy the different winter activities: skiing on the slopes of the Drei Zinnen-Dolomites ski area or in the surroundings (Kronplatz/Cortina), Cross-country-skiing on the trails until Dobbiaco - Cortina d'Ampezzo – Lago di Braies, tobogganing from the Croda Rossa to the valley,

Snow-shoe-walking, winter walking on the different trails and alpine skiing (also to the Drei Zinnen)… At Sesto you can practice every sort of winter sport in any difficulty. Allone (we hire equipment) or with the professionals of the Alpine School Drei Zinnen-Dolomites


Tips for your winter holiday for 3 and 7 days


All the wintersports directly from the Berghotel

What you should also know:

The Dolomites of Sesto and the Drei Zinnen since ever have been a special place for climbers and alpinists from all over the world. Names as Innerkofler, Dülfer, Grohmann, Preuss long time ago, Reinhold Messner, Kammerlander or the czeck Koubal and Knez in the 70/80 and nowadays the Huber brothers, David lama or Adam Ondra are the protagonists of the Dolomites walls. They climb routes which was impossible to think that this could be possible.

The DOLOMITES have been inscribed in june 2009 on UNESCO's World Heritage List (176 wordwide incl. Grand Canyon, Galapagos) - a wonderful thing also for us, isn't one of the most beautiful part of the Dolomites - the Dolomites of Sesto - directly in front of the Berghotel - now the position and the view of the Berghotel is "certified"! And also the saying of Luis Trenker during a visit at the Berghotel in 1971:
"The Berghotel lies on the most beautiful spot of the most beautiful valley of the world" (Luis Trenker) ... and so it is the best hotel for hiking tours in the Dolomites of Sesto.

Genuine Alpine Experience: Many people have fallen in love with the village of Sesto, due to its unique mountain backdrop. However, visitors who would only look at the stunning landscape around the village of the Three Peaks would miss a lot! We invite you on an exciting discovery tour through the village in the mountains of the Three Peaks or Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Read here about Sesto’s history, culture and uniqueness. Get to know the Sesto people, listen to their old stories and pick up the odd “well-kept secret”.

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