Spend your family vacation in the Dolomites


Surrounded by the Sesto Dolomites, the Berghotel is the ideal destination for relaxing and eventful family vacation in the Dolomites.

At the Berghotel in the Dolomites, your hotel for eventful and enjoyable family vacation at Sesto in South Tyrol, there are perfect conditions for families with children. This applies especially if the parents intend to spend the holidays in the Dolomites, with their children, rather than relaxing and getting away from them.

The hotel and our outlook are ideal especially for all active families, who can find a perfect holiday hotel at the Berghotel in the Dolomites. Talking walks with the children, building a dam over the clear waters of a stream, living in close contact with unspoilt nature... A wonderful world of adventure is waiting for you and your dear ones here in the Dolomites, come and discover it!

Not only in summer, but also the colder seasons offer their "family size" features here in the Dolomites: in winter, from the balcony of the Berghotel, your family hotel in the heart of the Sesto Dolomites, you can watch your children skiing on the Brugger ski track just nearby. Skiing, sledging, or spending fun-packed hours making snowmen... this and much more awaits you during your family holidays at the Berghotel in the Dolomites!

Reductions for children

in the parents room with 2 adults:
0 until 1,99 years: 18 Euro a day
2 until 3,99 years: 28 Euro a day
4 until 13,99 years: reduction of  50%
14 until 17,99 years: reduction of 30%


What else do we do to ensure your perfect family holiday?

Extreme care for families

Playing room

Here at the Berghotel in the Dolomites, cordiality and care for families takes first place, as is only proper in a 4-star family hotel! Both inside and out, there is always something for all tastes: our outdoor playground with lots of green all around and our playroom with Nintendo WII, table football, table tennis, the rock wall, and so on will make every child's heart beat fast. This is also part of our high sensitivity to families spending their holidays in South Tyrol!

Spacious family rooms “Familystudios”

Our guests of all ages must feel completely at ease, just as if they were at home. So at the Berghotel, your family hotel in the Three Peaks Dolomites, Dolomites of Sexten, South Tyrol, you can of course find the spacious “Familystudios” for families in the hotel (46 - 65 m²), as well as richly equipped suites “Studios” in the Villa Berghotel (46 - 65 m²), offering lots of space for you and your family. But even the standard rooms in our hotel are very large and are all provided with a convenient third bed: a guarantee of a pleasant family vacation in the Dolomites.

Our rooms

A healthy diet

A short introduction to the theme of food for children at the Berghotel: we do not have separate menus for children. Do you want to know why? That's easy! We cook in such a way that children can develop the sense of taste and tell good food from bad: this means we do not use flavour enhancers or chemical additives, which unfortunately are to be found in the diet of many children nowadays. And there is no place for fast food - to which children quickly become accustomed and is very difficult to eliminate - rich in fats, sugars, additives but very little fibre; you won't find any at the Berghotel, your family hotel in the Dolomites. It has been demonstrated that children who live on "junk food" medium and long-term negative consequences for their health. In short, a healthy and balanced diet is fundamental for our culture!

Our kitchen

A bit of movement in nature

Hiking with kids

Children love to discover nature like little explorers: in summer the Dolomites offer lots of space to breathe the fresh mountain air and fully enjoy nature, which is the most interesting playground for children. For example, Sesto has a very special walk to enchant its youngest tourists, the so-called “Schnullermeile”. Even with pushchairs, you can easily reach the attractive neighbouring resorts in the Three Peaks Dolomites, Dolomites of Sexten during your family holiday in South Tyrol.
But winter at Sesto is also suitable period for families: the Berghotel, your family hotel in the Dolomites, is right beside the Brugger ski lift, so you can even watch your little skiers from the balcony. For the more expert skiers we recommend the ski areas of Monte Elmo and Croda Rossa, which have been linked recently.

Hiking with kids


There’s no doubt about it: family vacation at the Berghotel in the Dolomites are a dream come true for children - AND for parents!

Special for Kids summer

Children in the playing room

Kids up to 16 years pay 150 Euro per week.

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Special for Kids winter

Reindeer on the Rotwand

Kids up to 16 years pay 150 Euro per week.

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Spa & Wellness

Outdoor pool in summer

Enjoy a time out from your everyday routine in your wellness hotel…

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