Top 10 highlights of Sesto

Front view

10 Top-Highlights of Sexten and in the middle the Berghotel.

Nature, nature, nature ... this is our richness but there is also culture, history and tradition.

1. Drei Zinnen - Tre Cime di Lavaredo & UNESCO-World Heritage

The Drei Zinnen, the symbol of the Dolomites which became UNESCO-World Heritage in 2009 are without any doubt one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. It's climbers and hikers paradise and easy to reach from the Berghotel in ca. 3 h by foot or by car/bus from to the backside and another 1,5 h by foot. A must see!

Three peaks

2. Natural Park Drei Zinnen

This Natural Park was foundet in 1981 with a extension of 11.891 halying in the towns of Sexten, Innichen and Toblach. Highlight of the Park are the Drei Zinnen but there is much more, like the wonderful Fischleinvalley, the beautiful mountains of the Dolomites of Sexten, the Innerfeld valley, the Landro Lake ....and these beauties are present summer and winter.

3. The collegiate church of San Candido and the market

The collegiate church at San Candido/Innichen is one of the finest examples of Romanesque religious architecture in the eastern Alps, and recalls the style of the fortresses built by the crusaders in the time of the Staufer Holy Roman Emperors. Its simple elegance leads many to refer to it as “the cathedral of San Candido”. In the entrace hall of the collegiate church you will find the rib of the giant Baranci, whose legend says he helped the poulation to build the church. Another highlight at San Candido is the market, which regularly takes places in the center of San Candido, near the church. Here you can find further information.

The church of San Candido

4. Mount Helm

A wonderful skiing area in winter and an easy summit in summer - this is the Mount Helm or Monte Elmo in italian - 2.433 m - a perfect Panoramaspot with a breathtaking 360 ° view. The Helm is reachable directly from the Berghotel by foot in ca. 2,5 h, or less by funicular or in winter directly from the Berghotel with the alpine skis - difficult to find elsewhere.

5. Fischlein Valley & the natural dial of Sexten

About 4,5 km long - from the little town of Moos to the Talschlusshut. Beutiful meadows circled by high and impressive mountains - a natural beauty difficult to find. In summer the Fischleinvalley is the starting point for many hikes and climbes and in winter it is a cross country paradise and the perfect starting point for many alpine ski tours.

Fischlein Valley in Sesto

Natural sun dial of Sexten

it is the biggest sun dial in the world - the natural sun dial of Sexten with 5 mountains which sign the time depending on the position of the sun. The clock works from 9.00 am to 1,00 pm but only in winter time because since the introdution of the summer time they "ruined" the clook. The mountains have the names as the hours: Mount Nine, Mount Ten, Mount Eleven, Mount Twelfe and Mount One and you can see them directly from the balcony of the Berghotel.

View to the Dolomites with description

6. Rudolf Stolz Museum, the Church St. Peter and Paul & cemetery

The Rudolf Stolz Museum houses sketches and designs for frescoes as well as studies, watercolours and graphic works by the famous South Tyrolean artist Rudolf Stolz (1874–1960) as well as a permanent exhibition, “Rudolf and Albert Stolz as war artists 1915/1916”. You can find many paintings of the 2 brothers Albert and Rudolf Stolz in the cemetery and the church of Sexten. The parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Sexten, which was constructed in 1824/26 will impress you with its artistic masterpiece, the “Danse Macabre”, another masterwork by Rudolf Stolz. The cemetery is also a must see!

Museum Rudolf Stolz in Sesto

7. Dolomythos - discover the world of dinosaurs and crystals in the Dolomites!

The museum in the center of San Candido shows you the histroy and the formation of the Dolomites. The museum has an exhibition ground of about 500m², and gives You an insight in the world of the Dolomites from the dinosaurs to the crystals found there. You can also learn details about the biggest goldfinding in the dolomites, made by Michael Wachtler and friends. They discovered about 20kg of gold! Children and adults are also invited to experience the adventure treasure hunting and find their own precious stone or even pure gold. Or digging fossils and dinosaur bones. The museum is open all the year round, further information about it you can find here.

8. Bellum Aquilarum - open space museum of World War I. and the Fortress Mitterberg

Sesto during World War I was directly on the front and completely destroyed. As the border passed on the summits of the mountains there where many battles directly in the mountains. One of these places has been restored and now it is possible to immagine how life has been during the war in the mountains and also to understand how senseless a war was and is. It is a super panoramic spot below the Mount Ten and above the Fischlein Valley and it is absolutely worth visiting, even if history is not one of the favorites - it is a summer spot! In 1882 there were built 2 fortresses in Sexten - one is still in a good shape and it is possible to visit and to understand how hard times can bee and how pointless war is.

Bellum Aquilarum - open space museum of World War 1

9. MMM - Messner Mountain Museum

In Bruneck and on the Kronplatz, about 40km from Sesto, are located two of the six museums of Reinhold Messner. The MMM Ripa on the castle of Brunico, which once was the summer residence of the prince bishops, now presents mountain peoples from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe and reflects their cultures, religions and tourism activities. You can find the opening hours & the price of admission here. The MMM Corones, situated on the summit plateau of Kronplatz (2275 m), is dedicated to the supreme discipline of mountaineering, which Reinhold Messner has strongly influenced. The museum is devoted to alpine history and offers unique views of the big walls of the Dolomites and the Alps. You can find the opening hours & the price of admission here.

10. Museum of mangers

it is a long tradition in Sexten building mangers in all different matters. This is a museum where it is possible to see our culture, our traditions and artisanal menwork on a very high level.

Museum of mangers


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