Mountain holidays in the Dolomites, South Tyrol

Outdoor pool in winter

Mountain holiday and health!  

Zirm pine woodHiking
it doesn't matter if summer or winter, hiking in the mountains, in a complete incontaminated envirement is healty. Almost every sport is healthy but hiking in the mountains is particularry healthy - this because of many reasons. The winning combination is fisical activity - slowness, endeavor, free mind, satisfaction ... and all together in a ambience where you can drink the water from the rivers

Our mountain hotel in the Dolomites is all made of healthy materials - furniture of wood not treated, floors of wodd, no plastic, natural rocks, glass, nothing of bad quality and ready to litter, nothing treated, nothing tossic or poison .... read more>>>

a lot of the wood in the Berghotel is wood of the Swiss stone pine - this kind of wood has the capacity to reduce the heartbeat up to 10 % and persons are getting calm and more relaxed - once they used to build the cradles out of swiss stone pine wood because so babies sleep much better and deeper ...

what do i give my body? eatables genetically modified, long-life products, no vitamins, with lots of chemical additives, artificial flavors... at the Berghotel all this you will not find!! inform yourself about eating healthy and naturl and like a gourmet>>>>


Leonardo da Vinci and his vitruvianischer man


Spa & Wellness

Outdoor pool in summer

Enjoy a time out from your everyday routine in your wellness hotel…

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Berghotel SPA & Badl

Berghotel's Zirm SPA & Badl

Small but mighty, professional and very cosy, made of materials from the mountains in the middle of the mountains - this is how our Beauty and SPA area presents itself. Pure relaxation in our Spa Dolomites of Sesto!

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Family holiday

Children in the playing room

Everything for kids – family holidays, as you have never experienced them before

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