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Contact person: Mr. Walter Holzer
Via Mt. Elmo 10 - I-39030 Sesto (BZ)
Alta Pusteria - Dolomites - South Tyrol - Italy
Tel. 0039 0474 710386 - Fax 0039 0474 710455
E-Mail: info@berghotel.com
VAT ID IT01733450215
Chamber of Commerce Bolzano - Rea nr. 160274
Capital stock 100.000 Euro

Mr. Walter Holzer is responsible for the texts and other contents of this web-site.

Photo: Berghotel; Consorzio Turistico Alta Pusteria: - H. Wisthaler, E. Steiner, M. Schönegger, s-dolomiten, M. Schönegger, N. Eisele-Hein, M. Gratton, H. Rier, M. Santini, Markus Greber; AdobeStock/Fotolia.de: zatletic, Netzer Johannes, Andreas P., Poprotskiy Alexey, Internetter, Marc Xavier, Manuel Schönfeld, vetal1983, pkazmierczak, Vincenzo De Santis, Alexander Hoffmann, sonne_fleckl, Sergii Mostovyi, Jenny Sturm, TTstudio, daliu, VRD, Lunghammer, petr, johannes86, martingaal, Carmen Steiner, HLPhoto, kab-vision, juefraphoto, Herby ( Herbert ) Me, Dalmatin.o, Viktorija, Grischa Georgiew, kab-vision, Marek Gottschalk, A_Lein, 2mmedia, Maksim Toome, vanillaechoes, der hugo2, gudrun, ld1976, al62, kitchenkiss.de, HLPhoto, hiddencatch, weyo, teleginatania, Maxim Khytra, timolina, posinote, Brent Hofacker, st-fotograf, marysckin, O.B., Dr.Who, voltan, hardyuno, Gabriele Bignoli, Roberto Zocchi, zakaz86, Svenni;

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