Sundial of Sesto

View to the Dolomites with description

Enjoy the view on the sundial of Sesto from the Berghotel.

Looking from the little village of Moso on the mountains of the sundial of Sesto at 9:00am the sun is above the Mount Nine, at 10.00am above the Mount Ten (also Croda Rossa).... to 1,00pm above the Mount One - for 5 hours the biggest sundial allover - only the introduction of the summertime is wrecking the party during summer - another very important argument for elimination of the summertime - that at Sesto time is again the right one, all year around and not only during winter!!!


Wish you lots of pleasure while exploring our fascinating landscape and the great Dolomites of Sesto!


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Hiking in the surroundings

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Skiing at the Dolomites

Skiing directly from the Berghotel

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