Ski touring in the Dolomites

Ski touring in the Dolomites of Sesto

Before every tour read the latest information about snow and weather conditions as well as the current state of the paths and trails.
Who goes with the alpine skiers has to take an avalanche warning system (obtainable in all sport shops) and to inform the reception.

Our proposals:

The south side above Sesto, with wonderful views to the Dolomites of Sesto Monte Arnese / Hornischegg
Berghotel - Panorama – Klammbach hut – Monte Arnese/Hornischegg - Berghotel
ca. 1211 m ca. 4-5 h   difficulty 3

A little frequented ski tour with perfect views Helm / Monte Elmo
Berghotel – Helmhang hut – Negerdorf/Sette Baracche – Monte Elmo/Helm - Berghotel
ca. 1050 m ca. 3-4 h  difficulty 3

A ski tour with usually perfect snow conditions, individually in the lenght adaptable Weißlahn / Lavina Bianca
Berghotel – Campo Fiscalino – Fischleinboden hut – Lavina Bianca/Weißlahn - Berghotel 
ca. 1000 m ca. 3,5 h  difficulty 3

The highest ski tour-peak at Sesto. Ambitious but phenomenal! Hochbrunner Schneide / Monte Popera
Berghotel – Campo Fiscalino – Talschluss hut – Bachern Valley – Busa di Dentro –
Monte Popera/Hochbrunner Schneide - Berghotel
ca. 1592 m ca. 6-7 h  difficulty 5

A wonderful tour in the heart of the Dolomites of Sesto, but it isn't to be underestimated! Oberbachernspitze / Crode Fiscaline
Berghotel – Campo Fiscalino – Talschluss hut – Bachern Valley – Crode Fiscaline/Oberbachernspitze - Berghotel
ca. 1250 m ca. 5 h  difficulty 4

A peak with wonderful surroundings, in front of the north walls of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo Sextner Stein / Sasso di Sesto
Berghotel – Campo Fiscalino – Talschluss hut – Altenstein Valley – Sasso di Sesto/Sextnerstein - Berghotel
ca. 1085 m ca. 5 h  difficulty 3

Impressive peak on the northern ridge of the Dolomites with exraordinary views. Hochebenkofel / Cima Piatta Alta
Berghotel – Innerfeld Valley – Parking place – Dreischuster hut – Campo di Dentro – Hangenalpel Valley –
Cima Piatta Alta/Hochebenkofel - Berghotel
ca. 1396 m ca. 6-7 h  difficulty 4

An unique crossing with fantastic landscapes! Three Peaks / Tre Cime di Lavaredo
Berghotel – Hotel Cime di Lavaredo/Drei Zinnen Blick – Rienz Valley –– Dreizinnen Hut- Berghotel
ca. 1000 m ca. 4-5 h  difficulty 3

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