Winter excursions in the Dolomites of Sesto


in the Dolomites

The best snowshoe tours in the Dolomites of Sesto

We suggest to wear waterproof clothings and shoes, a light backpack and a good map. Who goes with the snow shoes or alpine skiers has to take an avalanche warning system (obtainable in all sport shops) and to inform the reception.

The difficult of the excursions goes from 1 to 5 and depends also from the length of the excursion (without breaks and sightseeing).

The Three Peaks

The most frequently asked questions about snowshoeing holidays
  • Can anyone go on a snowshoeing holiday in the Dolomites?
    • In principle, yes, but it is better in the company of a mountain guide of the alpine school Drei Zinnen, because the avalanche situation must be considered.


  • Can I hike with the snowshoes to the Three Peaks?
    • Yes, that goes very well with the mountain guides of the alpine school Drei Zinnen and is included in the price of the Berghotel Sexten.


Snow shoe hikes:

Snow shoe hike to Croda Rossa

Berghotel - Fischleintal - Rotwandwiesen - Berghotel

 ca. 580 m
 ca. 3 h
Difficulty: 3

Snow shoe hike to Monte Elmo

Berghotel - Helmhang hut - Panorama - Lärchen hut - Helmrestaurant - Hahnspiel hut - Monte Elmo peak (2.434 mt.)

 ca. 1000 m
 ca. 5 h
Difficulty: 4

Snow shoe tour to the Three Peaks

Berghotel - Fischlein Valley - Fondo Valle hut - Three Peaks - Berghotel

 ca. 1000 m
 ca. 6 - 7 h
Difficulty: 5

Snow shoe hike from Sesto to Monte Rosso

Berghotel - Sesto - Passo Monte Croce - Nemes Alp - Pullbach Valley - Monte Rosso

 ca. 800 m
 ca. 5 - 6 h
Difficulty: 4

Snow shoe hike to Casella di Fuori

Berghotel-Sexten - Heatfactory/Heizwerk - 1B/12 - Casella di Fuori - Berghotel

 ca. 660 m
 ca. 4 - 5 h
Difficulty: 3

Innerfeldtal – Großes Wildgrabenjoch / Val Campo di dentro – Forcella Wildgrabenjoch

Berghotel - Innerfeld valley - Drei Schuster hut/Tre Scarperi - Wildgrabenjoch/forcella Wildgraben

 ca. 900 m
 ca. 7 h
Difficulty: 3

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