Three Peaks in the Dolomites

Welcome at the ACTIVE PAGES of the Berghotel. In the following you will find the weekly hiking programm with the detailed excursions and vie ferrate. With any step you will see the glamour of the National Parc Dolomites of Sesto, you will feel the liberty, breath fresh mountain air and Feel that the real spirit of the Dolomites lives!

We are member of the Wanderhotels, the best for hiking in the mountain as a guarantee for unique mountain holidays. This is certified by 5 cristals.

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This weeks are an optimal combination between beeing active/sportive (hiking), healty food and wellness on a very high level (Berghotel's Zirm SPA & Badl).

From 02/06 until 24/06/2018
In this week you will hike on flowering meadows and be very close to nature. Crossing carpets of flowers and in the background the glimmering white of the still snowed peaks has something very particular. The hikes are organized, professionally guided, safe and there will be absolutely no crowd.
Surcharge 115 Euro per person

Spring in the Fischlein Valley at Sesto

From 24/06 until 14/10/2018
An active week with wonderful and professional guided hikes. A choice of guided hikes from medium/easy to medium/ambitious - for everybody the right level - you can, but no must - the best in the valley and the Dolomites of Sesto with excursions also in the surroundings - in small groups - easy & save...
Surcharge 115 Euro per person

The italian Dolomites

From 09.06. to 16.06.2018
A varied programme of daily guided hikes in the Dolomites of Sesto and a varied evening programme with slide shows and film presentations will round off the mountain summer in Sesto.
Surcharge 87 Euro per person

Mountain week Sesto

From 02/06 until 14/10/2018
My first 3.000 meter mountain peak - a challenge possible for (almost) everybody - exciting but save - a very special week in the mountains suitable also for (fit) mountain novices.
Surcharge 360 Euro per person

Three Peaks in the morning

From 02/06 until 14/10/2018
Explore with us the highlights of the Dolomites on vie ferrate and trails - suiting for (almost) everybody! Ideal for who is new on vie ferratas (fixed rope trails) and want to live this uniqe experience in a save and guided way - exploring the Dolomites on a via ferrata is far the best way.
Surcharge 265 Euro per person


From 02/06 until 14/10/2018
In this quite intensive week with 3 via ferrate and as an absolute highlight the peak of the middle of the Three Peaks you will live our mountains in the best way possible. You will be guided by a expert alpin guide and so it will be safe and without any hassle - this experience will last for a long time and will maybe found the basement for future mountain experiences on your own.
This particular mountain week is possible for everybody wiht a norma physical preparation without high shyness!!
Surcharge 599 Euro per person

Climbing in the Dolomites

From 02/06 until 14/10/2018
A Mountainbike week with the guides of the Bikeacademy Dolomites of Sesto.You will not ride only on spectacular trails, but you also have the most beautiful panoramas - for ambitious mountainbikers.
Surcharge 170 Euro per person

Mountainbiking in the Dolomites of Sesto

From 02/06 until 14/10/2018
A mountainbike week with professional guided tours including a technique training.
Sucharge 230 Euro per person

Mountain biking in the Dolomites

From 02/06 until 14/10/2018
Mountainbike and Via Ferrata - an incomparable combination in the Dolomites of Sesto
Surcharge 390 Euro per person

Stoneman Trail in the Dolomites

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