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The kitchen at the Berghotel is the same as the Berghotel: sustainable, seasonal, regional, healthy & bio, fair

Groceries for us are more than simle goods - we want to know from where comes what we eat. Groceries is trust because eating bad things can't be good - that's why we like to spent more money for eating :-)

Our Berghotel pension contains a beautiful Bio breakfast with homemade mueslis, fresh fruits, honey from local beekeepers, omelettes and other egg dishes prepared in front of you, a big choice of different teas, fair trade coffee, bread from Sexten, jam from Braies, juices from local farms and much more.

In the afternoon homemade cakes and the famous Berghotel apple strudel and for dinner:

More than bio – bio from here. Healthy products from the region, if out of season also from longer distances, the rest we buy from small farmers we know personally – trust, responsability and quality without compromises!
No food from global players – what does not grow in Europe we buy fair trade!

There is no Fast Food at the Berghotel, also no Convenience Food and ready to go dishes. We use local and biological products and support small regional circuits with consequence.

  • chicken & poultry only biological and depending on availibility from the region f.e. from the Hintersteurerhof near Brixen
  • meat, veal, fawn and lamb from farms in Sexten and Südtirol with certificates from the specific farm named in the menu - meat Angus mostly from the Coltrondo Alp in Sexten
  • Porc from regional circuits from the near Austria
  • Speck, ham, most cheeses, milk, jogurt, bread, vegetables... directly from the valley, from the Puster valley, as the eggs (0 and 1) only from animals grown in a natural environment - butcher Villgrater Sexten, dairy Sexten, dairy La Genzianella Padola, dairy Unteroltl farm Sexten, bakery Happacher Sexten, vegetables Brunico ...
  • Grey cheese and butter from the Veider farm Vierschach
  • Venison and sausages from regional woods from the butcher Doch in Santo Stefano
  • honey from the beekeeper Watschinger from Vierschach and De Martin Padola, jams from the Pragser Beeren
  • Herbs & vegetables in summer from our garden Our herb garden
  • Chutneys, ketchup, herboils, Zirmschnaps .. home made
  • Mustard, vinegar & sirup from the Kandlwaal farm Vinschgau
  • Tea from the herbsfarm Fasui Vinschgau or fair trade Altromercato
  • wines mainly local, many biodynamic and PIWI
  • apples, apple juice and grapes juice from the Santer farm in Mühlbach and Stricker farm in Eppan, Sirups from the Partschiller farm in Völs
  • Pustertaler beer from Niederdorf
  • Products, they have to come from far, we buy fair trade

This is an example of a normal menu how it could happen every day at the Berghotel - to choose from or to eat all! and different antipasti startes and a daily changing vegeterian plate:

Big choice of salads, antipasti and vegetables
from the buffet with a choice of different olive oils and vinegars
and salad dressings


Speck from the butcher Villgrater at Sesto
with asparagus mousse and marinated salads


Nettle soup with cheese crostini


Lasagne with tomatoes and eggplants
from the oven and homemade basil pesto


Risotto with herbs from our garden and Brie


Grilled tranche of bio salmon
with sauce of Kerner white wine from the Eisack Valley
New potatoes and buttered spinach


Braised beef from the farm “Braun” from Villanders
with St. Magdalena sauce
homemade egg Spätzle and buttered spinach

or vegetarian meal

Zucchini flower in a pastry
with remoulade sauce and herbs from our garden


Variation of parfait with chocolate raspers


Choice of local cheeses with homemade chutneys


Different choice of desserts and sweets
from the buffet

Our wine recommandation:

White wine: Kukuck from the Vogelsanghof at Bressanone - Extraordinary fruit, aromatic and with a complex acidity - € 30,90
(Solaris and Muscaris - a fungus resistent grape species - Piwi - no chemical plant protection)

Red wine: Lagrein dunkel riserva from the Zundlhof at Bolzano - a robust, full body wine with wood berry notes - € 25,10
(Lagrein is an autoctone grape from South Tirol with relatively high tannin and a good body)

Dessert wine: Kerner late vintage from the Hoandlhof - Manni Nössing at Bressanone - € 4,50 / glass
dry, full body and long tail


a fresh draught beer Pustertaler Freiheit Lager or Wheat - 0,3 l € 3,50

The goodness and savouriness of our dinner is difficult to describe - main thing is the ground product, here we make no compromises, it remains little space for show

  • gourmet menu from the mediterrean and tirolean cuisine – we use fresh & healty products and mainly from regional farmers depending on the season and cultivate table culture
  • many salads and vegetables with different vinegars & balsamicos, different olive oils and flavoured oils
  • choise of antipasti
  • buffet of desserts and sweets and a big choice of local cheeses with different mustards
  • different evenings with farmers dishes, antipasti buffet ect.
Our herb garden
Our philosophy Dessert

We use very healthy and high quality products.

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Rooms & Ambience Rooms & Ambience

Our rooms and suites with panoramic view to the Dolomites

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Wine cellar Wine cellar

Berghotel's bestens sortierter Weinkeller.

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