Berghotel in summer

The Berghotel is sustainable - regional - seasonal - healthy & biological - fair!

The Berghotel is a hotel in the mountains, built in the style of the mountains and with materials from the mountains: stone, wood, and glass, and insulated with natural fibreboards and rock wool. For the furnishings we employed solid wood furniture, wooden floors, and natural stone. Fitted carpets were used only where it was necessary out of sound protection reasons.

"The Berghotel is managed in the same solid and traditional way as it is built, with a respectful attitude towards resources, sustainability in all matters, and responsibility towards man and nature."

The philosophy of the Berghotel bases on four pillars, which are also mentioned in our logo:

sport – nature – authentic – relax 

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Stoneman Trail at Sesto

Sport activities of all kinds. Do something good for your body, so that the spirit feels like living in it. In summer we hike, ramble, and climb, we cycle on a bike or mountain bike, swim, run… and in winter we ski, do cross-country skiing/skating, ramble with or without snow shoes, do tobogganing, practise ski touring… in other words: we keep fit and look after our health. Be active at the Berghotel   here you find more about it

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Berghotel's Terrace in the morning

an intact nature is the basis, therefore we care for it and deal with it in an attentive way. We live on a spot where we can drink out of rivers and where the air we breath could not be better. We want it to stay like this! Here you find the sustainability and environmentalism principle of the Berghotel in detail.

  1. Ecolabel logoReduction in the use of detergents which pollute the waters thank to the systematic use of dispensing units. The guest also contributes to the environmental protection deciding when he wants his bedclothes, towels and napkins to be washed.
  2. Avoidance of traffic and its consequences – boosting of the local economy. We buy as much as we can as near as possible. Works are carried out by local companies and artisans, so we produce as little traffic as possible. Both for winter and summer activities we have created preconditions so that our guests do not need to use their car.
  3. Reduction of the energy consumption thank to a good thermal insulation of the windows, the roof and the walls. The energy is driven exclusively from „clean“ and renewable sources. Hot water comes from about 70m² solar cells. The energy for heating and warm water (when the sun does not shine) comes from the biomass (wood) district heating plant Sexten and the electricity is produced exclusively by hydroelectric power stations.
  4. Illumination is switched by sensors, all rooms have a central switch so that the guest also may contribute. Wherever possible we use energy saving bulbs.
  5. Avoidance of rubbish and packaging material wherever possible. We use recyclable systems and keep the packaging units as big as possible. The rest is carefully separated and correctly disposed of.
  6. Healthy and natural food - our motto. We use food which still has an own taste, which has been manipulated as little as possible and not modified chemically. We reach this goal supporting the small cycles, local products and regional cooking, and using traditional recipes. We avoid Convenience Food and use finished products only where it makes sense. Storable goods are bought in big quantities in order to avoid traffic.

Here you can find "The Berghotel’s holiday philosophy - pro environment and supporting health"!

Energy details

If you have suggestions or questions about the protection of the envirement at the Berghotel do not hesitate to send us an email.


Eating in a healthy and natural way

Eating in a healthy and natural way – this is our motto. We use food that still has an own flavour, that has been manipulated as little as possible, and that has not been modified chemically. This is possible by stimulating the small cycles, supporting local products and the regional cuisine, and cooking according to traditional recipes. We refrain from convenience food and finished products. At the Berghotel there is no fast food!!

Let yourself be seduced by a cuisine that combines the nativity of the mountains and the lightness of the south. You also find this qualities in our choice of wines   here you find more about it

  • meat: Gastrofresh - Bozen, butcher Villgrater - Sesto, Röck Paul - Sand in Taufers
  • chicken: Medei farm in Comelico Superiore
  • speck & sausages: butcher Villgrater – Sesto
  • cheese & dairy products: dairy farmSestoParggenhof
  • goat cheese: dairy farm Unterolt - Sesto
  • honey: apiculturist Mair Karl – Sesto, Watschinger Peter - San Candiso
  • eggs: farm Santer - Villabassa
  • marmelade & jam: homemade, Alpe Pragas Prags, Darbo - Stans/Austria
  • rice: Toninelli - Pavia
  • vegetables: Piol – Sesto & Biokistl & home grown
  • bread: bakery Happacher - Sesto
  • apple juice: Widum Baumannhof Afing/Jenesien
  • wine: mostly Südtirol and local, Piwi & biodinamic local
  • beer: Pustertaler Freiheit - Villabassa
  • mineral water: Lavaredo – San Candido


Outdoor pool in summer

At the Berghotel time passes slower. We don´t like rush, stress and unnecessary pressure. Peace, cosiness, a genuine ambience, large glass facades, comfortable reading armchairs… You can slow down and recharge your batteries.

Spa & Wellness in the Berghotel


Your hotel for hikers

Berghotel in summer

A hiking holiday in South Tyrol and in the Dolomites - at the highest level.

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Impressions & Videos

The 60's room

Some impressions from the hotel

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Position and how to reach us

Berghotel's Terrace in the morning

The Berghotel lies in a ideal position above the little village of Moso!

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