9. Innerfeld Valley

Starting point: Berghotel (1370 m)
At a quick view: Berghotel - Sesto - Restaurant zum Klaus - Innerfeld Valley - Tre Scarperi hut and back
Difference in altitude: ca. 250 m
Time of walking: ca. 1 hour (with shuttle) - ca. 3 hours (without shuttle) - ca. 5 hours (starting from Berghotel)
Difficulty: easy

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Description of the way

From the Berghotel to the church. On the right, we take the Heideck street, cross the Sesto river and always right towards Sesto, passing the town of Sesto along the river and reach the „Restaurant zum Klaus” and after 400 m the crossing. Here we turn left and follow the way nr. 105. On your left side you can see the amazing Tre Scarperi peak, the highest peak of Sesto. The way is very good traced and after 1,5 h you arrive at the Tre Scarperi hut (1626 m), situated in a very quiet and wonderful place. Here you can take a drink or eat something and after your break we turn back the same way.

Innerfeld Valley

Innerfeld Valley

Points of retreat

Tre Scarperi hut

Advices and suggestions

As alternatives, you can go by car until the parking at the beginning of the Innerfeld Valley or take the bus from the parking at the beginning of the Innerfeld Valley back to Moos and the Berghotel. There is also a shuttle going into the valley. If you prefer smaller and quieter ways you can take path nr. 1B at the heatfactory burning wood of Sesto.


A wonderful excursion in a quiet and peaceful valley.

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