4. The family route at the Croda Rossa

Starting point: Moso/Berghotel (1370 m)
At a quick view: Berghotel - valley funicular Croda Rossa - meadows Croda Rossa - Berghotel
Difference in altitude: ca. 70 m
Highest point: 1.970 m
Time of walking: ca. 1 hour
Length of trail: ca. 2 km
Difficulty: easy

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Advices and suggestions

This is a wonderful and easy hike for families with children. The hike varies a lot and there are many interesting thinks to discover. You will also find a nice picnic area.

The family route at the Croda Rossa

The family route at the Croda Rossa

Points of retreat

Rudihut and Rotwandwiesenhut

Description of the way

From the Berghotel we go to the church and right to the Cafe Kofler and than to the funicular Croda Rossa. We take the cable cabin and arrive at the meadows Croda Rossa – a family and nature paradise on 1.900 m. The family route is signed with the nr. 19 and starts on the left side near the playing ground. During the route you pass at nice relaxing places and huts where you can make a picnic.


An easy route with or without children – a paradise in the nature. You can also go further to the Passo Monte Croce/Kreuzbergpass taking path nr. 18 and coming back from there by bus or walking back along the river.

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