4. The round with the 3 huts and the Tre Cime (3 peaks)

Starting point: Berghotel (1370 m)
At a quick view: Berghotel – Fondo Valle hutZsigmondy Comici hut Pian di Cengia hutRifugio Locatelli hut (3 Zinnen Hütte) – Fondo Valle hut - Berghotel
Difference in altitude: 1158 m
Highest point: Pian di Cengia hut (2528 m)
Time of walking: 6 - 7 hours
Length of trail: ca. 13 km
Difficulty: 5

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Description of the way

By car or the bus to the last parking place in the Fischlein Valley next to the Hotel Dolomitenhof (1454 m). Here starts our excursion to the Talschluss hut (1548 m). On the right side of the hut we take the path nr 102/103 until a crossing. We turn left and follow the way nr. 103 upside the brooks to the Zsigmondy hut (2235 m). Here you have a spectacularly view to the Elfer peak and the Zwölfer peak. The path nr. 101 goes on to the Pian di Cengia hut – the highest point of our excursion – (2528 m). Also here the views are magnificent and the Mount Paterno is in front of you if you go on until the next crossing. The path goes down a little bit steep and than straight on to the Drei Zinnen hut. Here you can see the three peaks with the stunning north walls. To go back we follow the way nr. 102 near the lakes and through the wonderful Altensteintal (old-stone-valley).

The Three Peaks

Sleep deeply

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Hiking map: The round with the 3 huts and the Tre Cime

Advices and suggestions

This is a must to do! Long but not difficult, you might be not alone but this tour is really beautiful. Should the weather forecast says clouds for the afternoon, so it might be better doing the tour vice versa – so you can see the Tre Cime in the morning.


A must-excursion for everybody!

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