5. Ski tour: Crode Fiscaline / Oberbachernspitze, 2677 m

Starting point: Moso/Berghotel (1370 m)
At a short view: Berghotel - Campo Fiscalino - Talschluss hut - Bachern Valley - Crode Fiscalune/Oberbachernspitze - Berghotel
Difference in altitude: ca. 1250 m
Time of walking: ca. 5 hours
Difficulty: 4

Download the tour as pdf file

Description of the way

By car or by bus we go in the Fischlein Valley to the Dolomitenhof and to the (chargeable) parking place. We follow the cross country ski trail to the Talschluss hut (1.526 m). On the left side of the hut we continue southwards through the Bachern Valley (consider the risk of avalanches). On the bottom of the La Lista/Hohe Leist (1.900 m) we go on the right and we ascent a short but steep draw, until we can turn right. We go further and above the Zsigmondy hut we turn right sharply and we keep moving toward to North-West. To climb the south-sided exposed and steep hillside it is recommended to go in a Left-Right-Bow: First we keep on the left and across the marked pan until we have to go on the right side, always following the logical way, and we arrive the peak.

Descent: same way back! In case of good and safe snow conditions it is possible to descent directly the steep hillside!

Tips and advices

The best corn snow in the upper part, because of the south side. Attention in the steep draw underneath the Zsiygmondy hut! Ask always for the avalanche situation!


A wonderful tour in the heart of the Dolomites of Sesto, but it isn’t to be underestimated!

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