13. Ferrata Mazzetta (2,347 m)

Difficulty (BC): 3
Total rating: 3


Difference of altitude: 1,200 meters
Duration: 6.5 hours
Access to the ferrata: 4 hours

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Arrival and starting point

From Sesto to the Passo Monte Croce and further to Padola (first village after the Passo Monte Croce)


From Padola in western direction to the Alpe Aiàrnola (path number 152). Passing the Alpe and further to the end of the forest line, then on the right to the Forcella della Rocca (path number 153), traversing a rubbish hillside until you reach path number 126, which leads you on the left to the Forcella de Ambata (2.413m, 3,5 hours). Here you reach the Val de Ambata. After shortly downwards you arrive at the Bivacco Gera (2.240m, 30 minutes). Further on path number 152 and crossing then the west wall of the Croda di Tacco (2.612m.). At the end of the west wall you arrive at the start of the Ferrata (2.198m, 20 minutes).


The hooks lead you above sliding scales and slides steep above. Now further without any protection to a little saddle. Steel ropes guide through a ramp downwards. You cross the south wall of the Croda di Tacco, then you raise a green hillside and after the traverse of a channel you arrive at the Forcella di Tacco (2.347m).


Initially descending a steep channel (steel ropes), then further across crushed rock until you arrive at the ascendency way.


The wonderful rock scenery of the Val de Ambata. Good motives at the ferrata with the Dolomites of Sesto from the backside.

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