7. Via ferrata Ettore Bovero to the Col Rosà peak (2166m)

Col Rosà Peak in the Dolomites

Starting point: Camping Olimpia (1283m) along the Strada d’Alemagna, 4km from Cortina d’Ampezzo. Parking place at the bus stop Fiames
Duration: total 5 hours, ascent 3 hours, descent 2 hours
Diffrence in altitude: ca. 900m

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Camping Olimpia – Passo Poscpocora – Col Rosa – Camping Olimpia

Description: a short ferrata but breezy and exposed passages. For the south position of the Col Rosà it’s possibile to make the via ferrata also in springtime. Please follow the marks to descent at the north side!

Indications: red-white with the n. 417, 408, 447

Highlights: the last steel part before you arrive the peak; round view to the Tofana, Cristallo and Sorapiss

Climbing Map: Via ferrata Ettore Bovero to the Col Rosa peak



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