Winter hiking in the Dolomites

Winter excursions in the Dolomites of Sesto

Berghotel - Froneben – malga Nemes – Passo Monte Croce - Berghotel
ca. 500 m ca. 4 h  difficulty 3

Nemes hut in winter

Berghotel – Fischlein Valley – Fondo Valle hut - Berghotel
ca. 230 m ca. 3 h  difficulty 1

Winter landscape in the Dolomites of Sesto

Berghotel – Sesto – San Candido/Innichen
ca. 233 m ca. 3-4 h  difficulty 1

Cross-country skiing in San Candido

Berghotel – Caravan park – Passo Monte Croce - Berghotel
ca. 300 m ca. 3 h  difficulty 1

Monte Croce pass in winter

Berghotel – Klammbachalp – Negerdorf – Helmhang Hut – Berghotel
ca. 570 m ca. 4 h  difficulty 3

Klammbach Alp

Berghotel – Sesto – Restaurant zum Klaus/Alte Säge – Innerfeld Valley – Tre Scarperi hut and back
ca. 250 m ca. 5 h  difficulty 2

Two people with a dog in the Innerfeld Valley in Sesto

Berghotel – Monte Croce pass – Coltrondo alp – Berghotel
ca. 480 m ca. 4 h  difficulty 2

Berghotel – Sesto – Chapel in the wood – Panorama - Berghotel
ca. 300 m ca. 3 h  difficulty 2

The little village Sesto in winter

Winter excursions & winter walks in the Dolomites of Sesto

The following winter excursions are proposals and only a small selection of the infinitive possibilities offered in our valley and the Dolomites of Sesto. Most of the excursions start directly from the Berghotel, otherwise you can take the bus (itinerary at the reception) or your car. For this excursions you can use also snow shoes or alpine skiers, for the descent the toboggan.

We suggest to wear waterproof clothings and shoes, a light backpack and a good map. Who goes with the snow shoes or alpine skiers has to take an avalanche warning system (obtainable in all sport shops) and to inform the reception.

The difficult of the excursions goes from 1 to 5 and depends also from the length of the excursion (without breaks and sightseeing).

Our proposals:


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