Mountain bike & cycling tours in the Three Peaks Dolomites

Stoneman Trail in the Dolomites

Cycling holidays in the Three Peaks Dolomites

The following mountain bike tours are only a small choice of the many cycling tour possibilities which offers our area to the nature lovers. It is not by accident that since many years the famous mountain bike challenge Dolomiti Superbike takes place here in middle of our fantastic Dolomites. Enjoy your cycling holidays in the Three Peaks Dolomites and discover the uncountable mountain bike tours in the Dolomites and in Three Peaks Dolomites.

Map Three Peaks Dolomites

Map with hikes, mountain-bike tours and fixed rope routes in the Dolomites

Map with marked mountain-bike tours.

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The classification of difficult of the mountainbike tours:
blue = easy
red = medium
black = difficult


Here you can find the classification of technique
(S0 - S1 - S2 - S3 - S4)



ca. 1.950 m ca. 6,5 h 47 km Difficulty: red

Forrest Mountain Bike Trail

ca. 1.700 m ca. 7 h 58 km Difficulty: black

Stoneman Trail with view of the Three Peaks

ca. 500 m ca. 1,5 h 22 km Difficulty: blue

Innerfeld Valley in the Dolomites

ca. 750 m ca. 3 h 20 km Difficulty: red

Coltrondo hut

ca. 1.250 m ca. 4,5 h 31 km Difficulty: blue

Mountain bike

ca. 1.350 m ca. 5 h 72 km Difficulty: red

Mountain biking in the Dolomites

ca. 1.000 m ca. 2,5 h 17 km Difficulty: red

Homeland Trail in the Dolomites

ca. 1.370 m ca. 5 h 35 km Difficulty: black

Demutpassage in the Dolomites

ca. 2.200 m ca. 8,5 h 63 km Difficulty: black

Stoneman Trail with view of the Three Peaks

ca. 1.830 m ca. 6 h 55 km Difficulty: red

Cycling path of the Braies Valley

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