28 Climbing route Bonacossa (an easy via ferrata)

Lake Misurina in the Dolomites

Starting point: Rif. Col de Varda, 2115m, 22km from Dobbiaco at the south-est shore of the Misurinasee. Funicular from Middle June until middle September, daily from 09.00 till 17.00. Parking place at the valley station Col de Varda
At a quick view: Rif. Col de Varda – Sent. Bonacossa – Rif. Fonda Savio – Lago di Misurina
Difference in altitude: ca. 510 m up and 920 in descent
Highest point: Forcella Misurina, 2395m
Time of walking: 4,5 hours (Rif. Col de Varda – Rif. Fonda Savio 2 ½ - 3 hours, Rif. Fonda Savio – Lago di Misurina 1 ½ hours)
Trail: Nr. 117 to the Fonda Savio hut and then the 115 going down.

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Hiking map: The sentiero Bonacossa in the Dolomites

Huts: Rif. Col de Varda ( End of June till middle September open) and Rifugio Fonda Savio (End of June till the end of September open), lying in a wonderful position in the middle of the Cadini group

Physical requirements: an easy ferrata where you need a bit of equilibration and not to be high shy – presence of ladders

Panorama: wonderful views at the Misurina Lake and when you proceed to the Auronzohut you have the Tre Cime very close in front of you.

Indications: from the Fondo Savio hut you con finish the entire Bonacossa (trail nr.117) until the Auronzo hut at the Tre Cime. It becomes a wonderful day filling tour – back to the starting point by bus or hitchhiking!!!


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