11 Hiking tour to Monte Popera

Monte Popera in the Italian Dolomites

Starting point: Moso/Berghotel (1370 m)
At a quick view: Berghotel – Val Fiscalina – rifugio Fondo Valle hut – rifugio Comici hut – Monte Popera peak and back
Difference in altitude: 1600 m
Highest point: Monte Popera peak 3046 m
Time of walking: ca. 8 hours
Length of trail: ca. 12 km
Difficulty: 5 shoe excursion

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Hiking map: Hiking tour to Monte Popera

Description of the way: We take the bus to the Fischlein valley and walk to the Rifugio Fondo Valle hut. We take the path nr. 102/103 and reach a crossing. Here we follow the way nr. 103 at the left and arrive at the Comici hut (2235m). Now starts the path nr. 101 to the Giralba-Scharte (pass). Before we reach the pass we turn left where the way first goes strait and than steep up to a plateau. Here starts the famous alpinisteig/strada degli alpini but we go right into a big valley (the Innere Loch - hole). Sometimes you have to cross a snow field and on the whole way you have to be very careful where you put you feet. You make a lot of differences and when the loose rocks turn into solid rock you first climb up (1st alpine difficulty level) on the left side and pass then on your right to arrive at a little canyon, which you climb up to reach a notch names Forcella Alta Popera (2880m). If you look around you will notice that you have just a wonderful view at the surroundings. The path goes now right and not fare away you can see the cross at the Monte Popera Peak (3046m). This is one of the best lookouts in the Three Peaks Dolomites and you can see all the beautiful peaks (Peak Eleven, Peak Twelve, the Three Peaks …) around. The way back is the same – if you are in good conditions you can also take the Alpinisteig to the forcella Undici – down to Croda Rossa and go down to the Fischlein Valley or by cablecar.

Advices and suggestions: this is the only 3.000 m peak in the Three Peaks Dolomites which is possible to reach with little technical difficulties. The views are marvelous in all directions. The ascent is not well marked but the path is easy to recognize and there are many little stone towers. It is necessary to have a secure step and sense of orientation. Parts of 1. alpine difficulty level!!

Summary: one of the best 3000m-Peak where you have an unforgettable view. For this peak you need a good mountain experience and condition


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