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13. Hiking tour to Monte Quaterna

Starting point: Moso/Berghotel (1370 m)
At a quick view: Berghotel – Pass Monte Croce – Alpe Nemes Hut – Monte Quaterna – Coltrondo Alp – Pass Monte Croce - Berghotel
Difference in altitude: 867 m
Highest point: Monte Quaterna - Knieberg (2503 m)
Time of walking: 6 - 7 hours
Length of trail: ca. 11 km
Difficulty: 3

Download the tour as pdf file

Description of the way

We take the bus to the Pass Monte Croce and start with the way nr. 131 to the marshy meadows and the Alpe Nemes hut. Here you can enjoy the view at the Three Peaks Dolomites and the wide alp meadows. From the Alp Nemes you have to go eastwards on good way (nr. 146) to the end of a valley (Dechantmahd – hut of the pastors) and the saddle of the Monte Quaterna (2329 m). One way goes left to the Obstanser See-hut and the Alta Via Carnica, but we follow the other way right to the peak. It’s a easy way over rubble and some serpentines. Here you have a very nice lookout to the valley of the Comelico. On way nr. 173 we go down to the Coltrondo Alp, pass the Lago dei Rospi and back to the Passo Monte Croce from where we can either take the bus or walk for another 1,5 h back to the Berghotel.

Hiking map: Hiking tour to Monte Quaterna


If you go by car to the Coltrondo Alp you can take path nr. 173 on the Knieberg/Mount Quaternà and back on way nr. 159 (a small and really beautiful path) back to the Coltrondo Alp - this way is aprox. 2,5 h shorter than the original way!

Advices and suggestions

The Mount Quaternà is the most est of the peaks in the valley offers for that a special view down in the Piave valley. Also here are many remains of World War I.


An easy way with a nice peak and beautiful views in the Comelico valley behind the Passo Monte Croce.

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