9. The mountain goat circle number 100

Starting point: Moso/Berghotel (1370 m)
At a quick view: Berghotel - Fischleinvalley - Costoni di Croda Rossa - meadows of Croda Rossa - Berghotel
Difference in altitude: 350 m and 865 m down
Highest point: Costoni di Croda 2.235 m
Time of walking: 4 - 5 hours
Length of trail: ca. 8 km
Difficulty: 3

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Description of the way

From the Berghotel to the Café Kofler and to the funicular Croda Rossa. There we take the funicular up to the Croda Rossa meadows. Then we pass the Rudi hut and take the upper path nr. 100 which leads us to the Croda Rossa meadows. We pass the top of the little Skilift and enter into the rocks and reach the “Anderter Alp” on a beautiful path. There is also a free air museum “Bellum Aquilarium” from the 1st world war. Here you should plan some time to visit the museum and to watch the spectacular panorama.
On the crossroad we follow the way nr. 122 down to the Fischleinvalley for a short time until another crossroad to the way nr. 124, which we take at the right. This narrow little path brings us high above the Fischleinvalley to another cross, where the path on the right leads to the funicular but we stay on the nr. 124 and go down to the Fischlein Valley and back to the Berghotel.
Variant 1: Instead of taking the upper and more beautiful but exposed path nr. 100 you can also take the lower path nr. 100 which starts directly down at the Croda Rossa hut.
Variant 2: If you don’t want to take the funicular on the Croda Rossa we recommend to take the path nr. 153 from the Fischlein Valley, consider that there are 600 m and ca. 1,5 hours more to plan.

Sleep deeply

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Hiking map: The mountain goat circle number 100

Advises and suggestions

You need not to be to high shy on this tour. The hike varies a lot and it is much diversified – from flat to steep trails in the rocks and with wonderful views. The tour can also be shortened as a roundtrip from and to the funicular or longer by going up and down without funicular.


An excursion high above the Fischlein Valley which is a must to do!

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