24 Hiking tour in the Innerfeldtal-Valley

Sunset in the Dolomites of Sesto

Starting point: last parking place in the Val Campo di Dentro (1509m) at the Antoniusstein. If you arrive there after ca. 9 am you need to take the shuttle bus to the upper parking
At a quick view: Parking Valley Campo di Dentro – Passo Grande dei Rondoi – Rif. Locatelli –Malga Mattina – Parking
Difference in altitude: 1100m on rise and descent
Highest point: South- est shoulder Torre dei Scarperi (2519m)
Time of walking: 6 hours (Parking place – Passo Grande dei Rondoi – Rif. Locatelli 3 ½ till 4 hours, Rif. Locatelli – Malga Mattina – parking place 2 hours)
Trail: Nr. 105 until the end of the valley, than nr. 11 on the right and back down again the nr. 105

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Hiking map: Hiking tour to the Monte Mattina in the Dolomites

Huts: Rif. Tre Scarperi (middle May till middle October), Rif. Locatelli (middle June till the end of September)

Physical requirements: a long excursion with a very, very short and easy via ferrata

Panorama: after the Passo Rondoi /Wildgrabenjoch perfect view to the Three Peaks, the Monte Paterno and more. After every step you see “growing” the Tre Cime

Indications: this is a very good possibility to get close to the Tre Cime without many persons. At the Passo Rondoi there is a very easy and short passage with a fixed rope.


Corno di Fana

Hiking tour on the Corno di Fana

Hiking tour on the Corno di Fana

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Monte Serla

View of the Monte Serla

Hiking Tour on the Monte Serla

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Little rocca - Baranci peak

Little rocca

Hiking tour on the little rocca of the Baranci peak (Haunoldköpfe)

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