3 Ski tour: Lavina Bianca / Weißlahn, 2450 m

Passo Monte Croce in the Dolomites

Starting point: Moos/Berghotel (1370mt.)
At a short view: Berghotel – Campo Fiscalino – Fischleinboden hut – Lavina Bianca/Weißlahn - Berghotel
Difference in altitude: ca. 1.000m
Time of walking: ca. 3,5 hours
Difficulty: 3

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Map of the Lavina Bianca ski tour

Description of the way: By car or by bus we go in the Fischlein Valley to the Dolomitenhof and to the chargeable parking place. Directly from this parking place we go south-westward through the broad brook bed in direction to the Tre Scarperi peek/Dreischusterspitze. Arrived on an altitude of 2.000m we stay slightly on the left and we turn in the giant kettle. The further route guidance is given from the terrain: from the kettle we go steeply up-hill to the bottom of a yellow-red wall of rock. Punta dei Tre Scarperi/Dreischusterspitze, Punta Piccola die Scarperi/Kleiner Schuster, Punta Lavina Bianca/Weißlahnspitze, Lastron dei Scarperi/Schusterplatte and Cima Nove/Neunerkofel are building the natural amphitheatre! Descent: the same as ascent.

Tips and advices: Lavina Bianca/Weißlahn is the longer tour – on both tours we can find great powder until springtime. Ask always for the avalanche situation!!

Summary: A ski tour with usually perfect snow conditions, individually in the length adaptable.


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