7. Snow shoe tour from Mt.Elmo to Sillianer hut and Hochgruben

Starting point: Moso/Berghotel (1370 m)
At a short view: Berghotel - Monte Elmo funicular - Sillianer Hut - Hochgruben/Tovo Alto
Difference in altitude: ca. 550 m
Time of walking: ca. 4-5 hours
Difficulty: 4

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Description of the way

From the Berghotel to the funicular Monte Elmo and up at 2.050m. Up we take a right on the slope to the Hahnspiel hut/rifugio Pendio Monte Elmo. Further on the path crossing the entire south side of the Monte Elmo always towards east til the Sillianer hut (closed in winter). It is also possible to climb the Monte Elmo peak and proceed than on the crest eastwards. In another 30 minutes we reach the peak of the Hochgruben/Tovo Alto. Wonderful views in all directions. Descent on the same way.

Map of the Hochgruben snow shoe tour

Tips and advices

Stopp possibility at the Hahnspiel hut/Pendio Monte Elmo rifugio.With wind it can become very cold! Please check the avalanche forecast!


A wonderful and panoramic tour away from the skiing area.

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