7. Monte Paterno - Sentiero delle Forcelle (2,744 m )

Difficulty: 2
Total rating: 2


Via ferrata in detail: 70% steel ropes, a ladder, 30% path and exposed tracks
Total duration: 6 hours
Difference of altitude: 710 meters in ascent, 420 meters in descent
Duration ascent: ca. 2.5 hours
Climbing time: ca. 1.5 hours – 210 meters
Duration descent: ca. 2 hours
Orientation: east

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Arrival and starting point

To Dobbiaco, then left in direction Cortina d’Ampezzo to Carbonin. Further on the left to Misurina and then via the toll road to the parking place at the Rifugio Auronzo hut. Reachable also by foot from the Val Fiscalina Valley or Val Campo di Dentro Valley.

Difficulty and general information

This popular trail is also used as passage to the Rifugio Pian di Cengia hut and is for sure the most beautiful route to the Monte Paterno. If you are looking for a lonely spot, this is the wrong place. The ascend is good retained with steel ropes. On the walking part, it is absolutely required to be not afraid of heights, as well as on the descent variant to the Forcella Lavaredo. The sector from Forcella del Camoscio to the top is hopeless overcrowded.


From the Rifugio Aurozo hut (2.326m) to the Rifugio Lavaredo hut, following the crowd. Further on the right path (drive way) in direction Forcella Lavaredo until a crossroad. Further on the path number 104 to the Forcella Pian di Cengia, where you have to descent about 200 meters. At the Forcella Pian di Cengia the Via ferrata is signposted. The path leads to the south, then a short descent and then a traverse on the right (direction west) to the Forcella dei Laghi (2.522m). A steep track leads upwards on the grassy hillside to the begin of the Ferrata.


This easy, but in the length to be undervalued, tour has its perfidies. In the ascend and in the descent, you have to expect contraflow. Crossing other people asks to be careful. Good and stable weather is also an important requirement. Both descent variants (to the Rifugio Locatelli hut or to the Forcella Lavaredo require absolutely a head for heights).

Characteristic and technical details

Well-fixed ferrata with exposed walking passage. At the Forcella del Camoscio the ferrata can be interrupt, there is the possibility to descent. The first part is, compared to the rest of the tour, steep and challenging. Descent form the peak is by the same way as on ascent.


From the Monte Paterno (2.744m) the same way back to the Forcella del Camoscio. Further on the De Luca-Innerkofler Ferrata to the Rifugio Locatello hut and back to the starting point passing the Forcella Lavaredo. Alternatively, in the Forcella del Camoscio turn southwards, descent through a channel (partly faded red marks) and follow the route back to the Forcella Lavaredo. The technical easy descent is only in parts secured and requires absolutely a head for heights.

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