22. Sentiero Attrezzato Zumeles - Punta Erbing (2,301 m)

Difficulty: 2
Total rating: 2


Via ferrata in detail: 20% steel ropes, 80% exposed tracks and paths
Total duration: ca. 5 hours
Difference of altitude: 1,000 meters
Duration ascent: ca. 1 ¾ hours
Climbing time: ca. 1 ¾ hours – 350 meters
Duration descent: ca. 1.5 hours

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Arrival and starting point

To Dobbiaco, there turn left into Val di Landro, short until Cortina until the town Chiave. From the town take the deviation to the left until Ospedale Codivilla Putti. There is a parking lot (for a fee).

Difficulties and general information

This only partially saved Via Ferrata isn’t a Via Ferrata in classical sense. The difficult ascent along the gravel traverse is exposed, during the summer very hot and only advisable for mountaineers with good footwork. Who’s looking for a challenging, quite peak tour with great view on the circular deep valley of Cortina., for whom the hiking tour of the Croda (“Passeggiata della Croda” that’s what the trail is also called) is the right thing.


From the parking lot, you follow the cycling road towards Cortina for a short time and then you take the deviation upon trail number 202. The trail leads up to the big gravel tube, which runs down from the Forcella del Pomagnon (descent from Via Ferrata Strobel). Afterwards the way until the ascent is tagged.


Arduous and long-lasting peak tour which requires good condition, mountain experience and also goof footwork. The “Sentiero Atterzzato Zumeles” ends on a small ridge below “Puta Erbing”: across an easy trail to the right you reach the peak.

Characteristics and technical Details

Only partially saved Via Ferrata, which leads at the third cleaver of the “Pomagagnon” along the Punta Erbing. The trail leads across very exposed gravel and crumbly wall parts, during the summer an early start is recommended (southside, no water and very hot).


From the peak, you go back towards the “Forcella del Pomagnon”, descent in northern direction until trail Nr.205 and follow that one until the Forcella Zumeles. The trail Nr.204 leads in southern direction towards the Rifuigio Col Tondo hut and until the starting point.


View from the third band with the impressive Sorapis stock in the background.

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