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10. Strada degli Alpini (2,717 m)

Difficulty: 2
Total rating: 2


Via ferrata in detail: 50% steel ropes, 50% path
Total duration: ca. 5 hours
Difference of altitude: 490 meters in ascent, 1,200 meters in descent
Duration ascent: ca. 1 hour
Climbing time: ca. 2 hours – 340 meters
Duration descent: ca. 2.5 hours
Orientation: west

Download the tour as pdf file

Difficulty and general information

The Strada degli Alpini continue without a lot of difference of altitude through the west flank of the Cima Undici following a natural rock belt. The most part of this tour is a challenging hiking tour on the traces of World War I and not a typical via ferrata. However, the ascent through the strait rock belts is a very airy affair. The part from the Forcella Undici to the Passo Sentinella actually has the difficulties.


From the Carducci hut across the path to the Passo Giralba, on the northern side a short ascent and then turn right. You arrive at the path number 101 and further on this way descending (passing the turnoff to the Monte Popera) until you arrive at the “Cengia della Salvezza” (begin of the via ferrata Strada degli Alpini).


The first part of the ferrata is technically easy and the exposed passages are well fixed with steel ropes. In the outer hole (“Busa di Fuori”) sometimes there is still rest snow: be careful at the traverse. The second part of the route, section from Forcella Undici to Passo della Sentinella, is technically more difficult (safeguard in a bad condition), especially in the early summer in the tricky channels can be rest snow. As a section of the circle trail of the Monte Popera, the Strada degli Alpini ends in the Passo della Sentinella (2.717m).


From the Passo della Sentinella descending through the eastern cirque in to the Vallon Popera and following the path to the Rifugio Berti hut and back to the starting point, the Rifugio Lunelli.

The Strada degli Alpini as a day excursion -

starting from Sesto you have the following possibilities:
  • From the parking place Piano Fiscalina to the Rifugio Fondo Valle hut and further to the Rifugio Comici hut and to the Forcella Giralba. At the fork underneath the Forcella Giralba follow the path number 101 in direction inner hole („Busa di Dentro“) passing the turnoff to the Monte Popera until you arrive at the „Cengia della Salvezza“ (begin of the ferrata):
    1. From the Forcella Undici descent to the Anderter Alp and further on the path number 122 back to the starting point
    2. From the Forcella Undici further to the Passo di Sentinella. Underneath the Passo di Sentinella (fork) steep down to the Vallone della Sentinella/Anderteralpenkar (steel rope) and further on the scree slope, until you arrive at the path number 124. The further descent is on the path number 122 back to the starting point. This variant is more difficult and challenging. Difference of altitude: 1.400 meter in ascent and descent, ca. 8½ hours.
  • Drive-up with the cable car Croda Rossa to the mountain station (1.914m) und follow the path number 100, until on the steep track on the left side, which brings you to the begin of the Croda Rossa ferrata, passing the Costoni di Croda Rossa. Continue on the ferrata, pass the Postazione Wurzbach (ruins of the World War I) until you arrive to a fork (Anderterscharte, 2.698m). Here you leave the ascent to the Croda Rossa, which continues on the left and you follow the traces until a rubble channel, which arrives from the Passo di Sentinella. Steeply and with help of the steel ropes ascent to the route of the Strada degli Alpini. Descent to the parking place Val Fiscalina Valley (bus connection back to the starting point. Ascent: 900m, descent 1.400 m, ca. 7½ hours

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