1. Via ferrata at Croda Rossa (2936m)

Rotwandspitze in the Dolomites

Starting point: Meadows of the Croda Rossa (1914m).
Duration: total 5 ¾ hours, ascent 3 ½ hours, descent 2 ¼ hours
Diffrence of altitude: ca. 1000m

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Berghotel – Meadows of the Croda Rossa – Costoni Croda Rossa - Croda Rossa Peak– Castelliere – Meadows of the Croda Rossa - Berghotel

Description: an easy via ferrata with a few exposed places, all the path is good secured. The most part of the via ferrata is to hike and you have wonderful views. You can combine this via ferrata with the Strada degli Alpini (nr. 3) and/or the Ferrata Zandonella (nr. 2).

Indications: red-white-red with the nr. 100, via ferrata red triangles, return to the Castelliere with nr. 15B

Highlights: panorama from the Croda Rossa peak to the peak of the Tre Scarperi, Croda dei Toni, Cima Undici, Monte Popera

Climbing Map: Via ferrata at Croda Rossa



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