18 Walking tour to the Malga dei cavalli (alp of the horses)

Dolomites of Braies

Starting point: parking place Prato Piazza. From mid July till the end of September limited traffic (accessibility barrier from 10.00 till 16.00, descent any time possible))
At a quick view: Prato Piazza – Alpe Cavallo – Valle del Rio Casera – Albergo Ponticello
Difference in altitude: 400m to go up and 900m in the descend – in low season there is no bus between Ponticello/Brückele and Prato Piazza/Plätzwiese.
Highest point: Crodaccia, 2340m
Time of walking: 4 hours (Prato Piazza – Alpe Cavallo 2 ½ hours, Alpe Cavallo – Albergo Ponticello 1 ¼ hour)
Trail: from the parking up at Prato Piazza to the Hotel Croda Rossa, there starts at the right path Nr. 3 to the malga cavallo/Rossalm. Path nr. 4 leads you down to Brückele/Ponticello.

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Hiking map: Walking tour to the Malga di cavalli

Huts: Malga dei Cavalli/Rossalm (june – october), albergo Ponticello

Physical requirements: a way where you need equilibration and not to be high shy

Panorama: view to the group of Cristallo and the Three Peaks

Indications: in low season, spring and autumn when there is no shuttle bus from Brückele/Ponticello up at Prato Piazza/Plätzwiese you need to calculate 1 ½ hours more going up. This high mountain walk through the rocks is really beautiful with excellent views not only at the Tre Cime.


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