15 Walk from Sesto to San Candido

Flowers in the Dolomites of Sesto

Starting point: Moso/Berghotel (1370 m)
At a quick view: Berghotel – Sesto – San Candido
Difference in altitude: - 233 m descent
Deepest point: San Candido (1137m)
Time of walking: 3-4 hours
Length of trail: ca. 7 kilometres
Difficulty: 1 shoe excursion

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Hiking map: Walk from Sesto to San Candido

Description of the way: From the Berghotel we walk to the church in Moso and take the Haideckstreet at the right until the end of the street. We cross the bridge and take the way right towards Sesto. We pass the swimming area of Sesto and next to the Sparkasse (bank) we cross the road to walk up to the church of Sesto (it is worth a visit the cementery). We pass the church follow the Lanerweg (a left after the church) and by the Laner farm begins the path nr. 5 later nr. 4 to San Candido. We cross beautiful flower meadows, pass by a few farms and reach the wood. The way is very quiet, deserted and very easy to go. Arrived at San Candido it is a must to visit the church of the 9th century. Going back by bus or walk is up to you, also long the river down the valley.

Summary: a very good half-day-excursion with the possibility to do some shopping


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