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14. Hiking tour to Lastron of Tre Scarperi

Starting point: Moso/Berghotel (1370 m)
At a quick view: Berghotel – Val Fiscalina – Alpe Innichriedl – Lastron dei Tre Scarperi – Rifugio Locatelli hut – Berghotel
Difference in altitude: 1587 m
Highest point: Lastron dei 3 scarperi 2957 m
Time of walking: 8 hours
Length of trail: ca. 14 km
Difficulty: 5

Download the tour as pdf file

Description of the way

From the Berghotel with the bus or car to the parking place in the Fischlein Valley. Here we follow the way to the Fondo Valle hut and than we take the right way nr. 102 up towards the Tre Cime hut. Almost arrived at the hut (you can already see the hut) we reach a crossing with the indication to the Lastron dei Tre Scarperi. We take a right and cross a saddle and come to another saddle - to the Niederjoch (2465 m). From here a short descent and then we climb over military paths up to the Alpe Innichriedl staying left and we reach a large groove. Now the path is troublesome but not difficult and we follow the stone mans who sign as the way. You have to cross rubble and over rock steps (keep left) you will reach a large pan. Climb up always taking a left passing through canyons and rock steps the flat peak of the Lastron dei 3 Scarperi is not any more far. Look at the surroundings – the view is amazing.

Hiking map: Hiking tour to Lastron of Tre Scarperi

Advises and suggestions

The Lastron dei Tre Scarperi/Schusterplatte is a quiet often visited peak in the Dolomites of Sesto, because of the marvellous views, because the access is not to difficult and because it is a wonderful hike. It is a long hike and only for expert mountain hikers.


A long way but you will be paid for every minute and every drop of sweat you have spent to reach the summit.

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