24. Via Ferrata Gianni Aglio & Via Ferrata alla Tofana di Mezzo (3,244 m)

Difficulty: 4
Total rating: 3


Via ferrata in detail: 45% steel ropes, 5% ladders, 20% exposed tracks, 30% paths
Total duration: ca. 3.5 hours
Difference of altitude: 780 meters in ascent, 50 meters in descent
Duration ascent: ca. 1 ¼ hours
Climbing time: ca. 2 hours – 380 meters
Duration descent: descent with the funicular to Cortina
Orientation: south

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Arrival and starting point

To Dobbiaco, there take the deviation into the Val di Landro valley into the direction of Cortina d‘Ampezzo and to the valley station o the “Freccia nel Cielo” in the surroundings of the ice stadium (northern part of town). Take the cable car until station Ra Valles(2.470m).

Difficulties and general information

Who enjoys long alpine ascents, will enjoy this Via Ferrata. Here the mountaineer finds a mixture of difficult, very exposed spots and hiking passages - everything he can wish for. In case of fog or snow the orientation can become difficult. In the early summer, you can also run into snow rests from the winter, it’s advisable to take an ice pick along.


From the station (indications) follow the white-red marked trail until the turnoff „Sentiero Olivieri”. Continue in the same direction until you reach the deviation to the „Punta Anna“ (indication). On a trail on the right (indication Cima) across the scree slope (red points) until the ridge and continue until the first ladder.

Alternative ascent

The Via Ferrata Gianni Aglio and further way to the Tofana di Mezzo, can be made in combination with the Via Ferrata Giuseppe Olivieri or the trail Sentiero Giuseppe Olivieri. As a result, it becomes a long, difficult and very serious mountain tour.


Long ascent, which offers everything from interesting to boring. Two exposed, very difficult spots, which require a lot of arm strength, afterwards arrives hiking terrain again. Very alpine ascent, which in case of snow amounts a lot in difficulty. Good footwork and a solid alpine experience in high mountains are absolutely necessary.

Additional information

After the exposed traverse at the Torre Gianni Aglio and an easy interlude, follows a cliffy saved descent in the notch at the foot of the south-eastern ridge (Bus de Tofana). From this notch in case of good conditions (any snow or ice) you can continue or towards to the left to Rifugio Giussani hut or you can descent to the right (ski lifts) towards station Ra Valles (there aren’t not many signs of a trail). Afterwards (Via Ferrata alla Tofana di Mezzo) towards Tofana di Mezzo, is marked red (dots - direction of the avalanche protection.) At the beginning, there is a short steel rope, afterwards are clearly trail signs.

Character and technical details

Long Via Ferrata, which specially in the second part has a lot of hiking passages, sometimes also very exposed parts. The steel ropes aren’t always in the best condition and often the distance between the single anchors is longer, for example the tricky spot at the Torre Gianni Aglio.


From the peak across a fenced path downhill to the mountain station of the “Freccia nel Cielo”.

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