All via ferrata in the Dolomites of Sesto

Via ferrata at Croda Rossa

To the Bellum Aquilarum, the museum of the 1° World War.

Difficulty: 1

Via ferrata Zandonella

From the back side to the Croda Rossa.

Difficulty: 4

Via ferrata Strada degli alpini

The famous via of the 1st World War.

Difficulty: 2

Via ferrata Mount Paterno

Following the traces of the 1st World War.

Difficulty: 1

Via ferrata Torre di Toblin

The look out of the Austrian soldiers in the 1st World War.

Difficulty: 3

Via ferrata Roghel and Cengia Gabriella

Brenta-Felling in the Dolomites of Sesto.

Difficulty: 4

Via ferrata Sentiero Bonacossa

… Hundred peaks and towers – across the Cadini

Difficulty: 1

Via ferrata Monte Piano

With the pioneer path to a peak with a plaintive past.

Difficulty: 3

Via ferrata Mazzetta

The wild east of Sesto.

Difficulty: 1

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